Can Cannabis Strengthen the Relationship With Your Partner?

Last Updated on October 23, 2020 by Maxwell Harris

It is believed that cannabis unites people and according to new research, it can heighten intimacy among couples.

Can cannabis really improve the relationship of couples who smoke together? Think back to every story you heard about a fight breaking out at a party. Most of the time, any story about a fight at any social gathering revolves around alcohol and not cannabis. Some people even say that if cannabis was legal worldwide, there would be world peace. We’re not sure about that, but new research shows that it can strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

Research published in the Journal of Cannabis shows that occasional to frequent cannabis use can heighten intimacy among couples. Maria Testa is the senior research scientist in the Department of Psychology at the University of Buffalo. She had previously conducted a similar study on the role of alcohol on partner aggression. Testa says that her idea for this particular study came from the lack of information about cannabis’s role in relationships.

The Study: Cannabis Use & Partner Intimacy

Researchers at the University of Buffalo and the University of Houston asked 183 heterosexual couples to participate in a 30-day diary study. The researchers chose participants from the Northeast region of the United States that are regular cannabis users to participate in the study. A frequent cannabis user is defined as a person who uses cannabis two or more times per week.

During the 30-day test, researchers asked the participants to use a mobile app designed to keep track of their cannabis use along with intimacy events daily. Intimacy events include interaction or a meaningful conversation with your partner. They focus on intimacy, love, caring, or support.

The researchers analyzed data from the app to see whether intimacy events were related to the couple’s cannabis use. The findings from the study suggest that cannabis use can have a positive impact on relationship intimacy. Another interesting thing about the findings from this study is that previous research on alcohol has shown that both partners have to drink together in order to have some relationship benefit. With cannabis, the same benefits can be achieved even if only one partner consumes.

How Can Cannabis Help With Improving Relationships?

Apart from this particular study, there is even more research that supports the idea that cannabis can help improve relationships. For example, cannabis reduces stress, a common cause for relationship problems. Between the demands of bills, parenting, and everyday household chores, stress is unavoidable in any long-term relationship.

Cannabis Reduces Stress

Everyday stress doesn’t have to ruin your mood. Cannabis is a great way to relax and connect emotionally. The reason people usually like to consume cannabis with other people is that it can help to initiate deeper conversations.

Research has shown that when cannabis is inhaled, it can calm you down and reduce stress almost instantaneously. With a calm mindset, chances are that a small conflict will not escalate into anything big. It gives people a chance to discuss other more “important” topics, such as the meaning of life.

Cannabis Can Improve Sex

So, if your relationship is stale, should you enjoy a joint with your spouse to spice things up? The good news is that there is even more research that supports how cannabis can help improve relationships, and this is especially true for women. According to a new study published in the medical journal of Sexual Medicine, women who consume cannabis before sex report are more satisfied than those who abstain.

The Bottom Line

Looking at this research, it seems cannabis can help you appreciate your partner and strengthen your relationship. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are only a few studies on this topic and there needs to be more research conducted to fully understand how cannabis can impact romantic intimacy.

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