14 CBD Affiliate Programs You Should Know About

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CBD has become increasingly popular amongst many users around the world. This cannabis compound is widely available in the form of CBD oil, CBD vape oils, tablets, topicals and many other products, which constantly change and improve. And no wonder! According to Grand View Research, in 2018 in the USA alone the CBD market was valued at USD 4.6 billion and is expected to achieve an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.2% from 2019 to 2025. With such high demand, there must be a way to take advantage and jump on this health trend. Enter: CBD affiliate programs.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing, usually referred to by brands as affiliate program (also called an associate program), is a type of arrangement in which an online merchant website pays another website- the affiliate – a commission to send them traffic. These commissions are paid according to the particular agreement. The most common scenario is the following: if a link on an affiliate website brings traffic or money (or both) to the merchant website, the merchant pays the affiliate according to their agreement.

Are CBD affiliate programs any different?

No, CBD affiliate programs work the same way – all you need is an online media (website, social media page, etc) which acts as a traffic referrer.

Top 5 reasons why starting a CBD affiliate business is a good idea

  1. High demand = more sales = more commission
  2. Many CBD brands you could be earning from
  3. CBD is probably one of the best quality and highly effective supplements you could promote
  4. You do not need a physical location (like a shop) to start making money
  5. Free CBD samples (Because you can never have enough CBD)

Here are 14 CBD Affiliate Programs That Will Help Your Earn

Nordic Oil

Nordic Oil is one of the fastest-growing CBD companies globally and is one of the leading suppliers of (possibly) the best CBD products in Europe. Their product range includes Full Spectrum CBD oil, their famous Mani Drops ( a blend of full-spectrum CBD and Melatonin and Terpenes) capsules, creams and others, which all come with third-party lab certificates. The company provides free shipping on all orders within the US.

The biggest advantage that this company has over other CBD brands is their reach. Nordic Oil’s customer base spans over 12 countries, including USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands and others. They do not have a restriction on how many of their markets you can be affiliated with. The wide audience, combined with a relatively high commission for this industry -30% per sale – make the CBD affiliate program by Nordic Oil a great business opportunity, no matter if you just want to make some extra earnings or build a career out of affiliate marketing. Sign up can be easily done by filling out a form on their website.

Other benefits of Nordic Oil’s CBD affiliate program:

  • 30 Days Cookie Tracking: this means that If the customer buys products within the 30 days, you get a commission.
  • Commission payout is monthly
  • Dedicated affiliate manager to answer all your enquiries



CBD Pure source their industrial hemp plant from Colorado and Washington. Their product portfolio includes CBD Oil, liquid soft gels, creams and others. The brand also offers a range of pet products.

The brand’s affiliate program covers only the US market, however, it offers earnings up 40% commission per sale.

Sign up is fairly easy – you will need to fill out a form on their website, which will get reviewed within 24 hours.

Other benefits of CBDPure’s affiliate program:

  • 90-day cookie tracking: It means that If the customer buys products within the 90 days, you get a commission.
  • extensive banner library

Savage CBD

Savage CBD offers both wholesale and retail opportunities. The CBD products they offer include CBD oils, CBD Drink powder, pet products and many others.

This CBD affiliate program can help you earn up to 35% commission per sale. Affiliates are also given free samples to review and share on social media, blogs, websites, and other social platforms and special pricing on products, should the decide to purchase for themselves

Other benefits of Savage CBD’s affiliate program:

  • Commission payout is monthly
  • 60-day cookie tracking: It means that If the customer buys products within the 60 days, you get a commission.
  • TM+ PPC is allowed where permitted


CBDistillery offers high-quality CBD products including CBD oils, CBD gummies, topicals and powders. The brand offers both wholesale and retail opportunities. As part of their affiliate program, CBDistillery will give you the chance to earn a 15% commission per sale. Sign up can be done by filling out a form on their website.

Other benefits of CBDistillery’s affiliate program:

  • 90-day cookie tracking: It means that If the customer buys products within the 90 days, you get a commission.
  • Targeting users on emerging platforms such as TikTok, Twitch, and Reddit.


CBD FX offers a very wide variety of products, including high-quality CBD Chill Shots, CBD Capsules, CBD Oil, gummies, bath salts and many others. The company provides free shipping on all orders within the US.

People who want to join their affiliate program can earn a 20% commission on every sale and can sign up via Revoffers Affiliate Platform. As with other affiliate programs, CBD FX pay their affiliates monthly, but only after they attain the minimum commission.

Other benefits of CBD FX’s affiliate program:

  • 90-day cookie tracking
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • A variety of payment methods include such as Check, Square, and Wire.

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD pride themselves as being the All-American CBD brand, using only US- sourced hemp and producing their products themselves. Their portfolio of products is quite long and includes conventional goods such as CBD oils and edibles, but also more unconventional ones, such as CBD coffee and tea, as well as an “Indulgence line”.

Unlike other CBD affiliate programs, Green Roads CBD only offers a commission of 10% per sale, putting them at the lower end of the payout scale. Sign up can be done by filling out a form on their website.

Other benefits of Green Roads CBD’s affiliate program:

  • 30-day cookie tracking
  • Custom discount codes for affiliates 


Like other CBD brands on the market, CBDMD offers a good range of mid-priced—products including CBD oil, capsules, and pet products.

Their affiliate program allows its member to earn a commission of 20% per sale. Compared to other CBD affiliate programs, CBDMD offers an average commission. The site cookies last up to 30 days, meaning that if the customer buys products within these 30 days, you get a commission.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a fast-growing CBD company, offering CBD products and affordable prices. Their product portfolio includes topicals, oils, soft gels, skincare, and others.

The brand’s affiliate program offers a 25% commission per sale. People who want to join their affiliate program can sign up via Shareasale Affiliate Platform. Joy Organics offer a so-called “aggressive bonus program”, as well as a “lifetime commission” program so that affiliates can earn more income. The brand’s affiliate program covers only the US market. Commissions payout is twice a month.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is easily one of the world best known CBD brand. Amongst CBD oils, brand’s product line includes capsules, gummies and skincare.

Affiliate enthusiasts can sign up for Charlotte’s Web affiliate program via several affiliate platforms including Pepperjam Affiliate Network, RevOffers Affiliate Network, and Skimlinks. In return for their efforts, the brand pays out 15% commission on sales and 30-day cookie tracking.

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is not a CBD brand per se, but an online multibrand shop. This makes their product portfolio quite extensive, including goods such as CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD drinks, CBD creams, CBD bathing products, CBD pet goods. Diamond CBD offer their affiliates a commission of up to 20% on every sale, making it average in comparison to other affiliate programs. Their cookie tracking period is 90 days.


Absolute CBD offer their customers good-quality CBD products such as CBD oils, creams and gummies. They also have a pet product line.

What sets Absolute CBD’s program apart from other CBD affiliate programs is that they give $20 as a sign-up bonus to all their affiliates. In addition, members of the program benefit from a commission of 20% per sale and custom affiliate voucher codes. The cookie period is 60 days.


Spektra offers their customer base CBD patches, vape liquids, and oils on affordable prices.

With an easy to join affiliate program, Spektra gives their associates the chance to earn up to 30% commission per sale. Similarly to other brands, their cookie tracking policy is 30 days. All commissions are paid out once via Paypal. Spektra’s associate program also offers custom discount codes for its affiliates.

 CBD Medic

CBD Medic is a brand specialising in CBD topicals and skincare. Widely popular in the US, the brand runs its affiliate marketing via RevOffers Platform, making tracking easy and secure. What makes this program different than the others is that it pays a fixed commission, as opposed to a percentage of the value of the sale, making it a preferred choice by some affiliates. CBD Medic let their partners earn $50 Per Acquisition and pay out the earnings monthly.

Honest Paws

If you think getting paid a fixed rate per acquisition is the way to go, but are more interested in pet CBD products, Honest Paws may be a good option for you. The brand offers high-quality CBD products for pets. Just like CBD Medic, they will pay you $50 per acquisition monthly. Similarly to other programs, they run their associate program via RevOffers and have a cookie tracking policy of 60 days.


With such a fast growing industry, it’s no wonder that there are more and more associate programs. CBD brands are looking for effective techniques for selling the product to an even bigger audience. Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to become part of the growing cannabis market and earn decent money, by promoting exciting and innovative products. The payout rates are fairly high and the market is booming. With so many to choose from, all you need is pick the best CBD program and work on your social media or website.

Let us know in the comments below if you have decided to give this exciting business opportunity a chance, and which program did you decide to join.

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