How to make money with CBD

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Despite the difficulties facing the cannabis industry, it has become hugely profitable. CBD oil has enjoyed particular mainstream success. People looking to capitalise on this product have started CBD companies or become CBD affiliates. While starting a company is expensive, joining a CBD affiliate program is relatively affordable. All you need as an affiliate marketer is a passion for cannabis, a little marketing knowledge, and enough online activity to back your business. If you are interested in learning some tips, tricks and advantages of a CBD affiliate program, read on.

CBD Affiliate Marketing

CBD affiliate marketing is about promoting reputable brands through your website and social media channels. You promote CBD websites using links, banner ads and any other relevant marketing materials. Every sale that you make earns you a percentage as a commission.

By promoting CBD product online, you draw customers to other relevant content. For instance, if a potential customer accesses your website for an article on CBD vaping, that customer may be interested in other vape-related content.

Earning Money as a CBD Affiliate

The first steps in becoming a CBD affiliate marketer involve creating a website and social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and any other relevant platforms. By diversifying your online presence, you maximise the size of your potential audience.

Choose a blogging platform, create a catchy domain name, design your blog’s layout and then start creating CBD-related content. Always opt to create content about CBD brands that have strong affiliate marketing programs. Your aim when creating content is to attract an audience and then inspire your customers to click links to visit your partners’ websites. Every time a link on your website leads to a sale, you receive some of the profits.

Connecting with your Audience

Firstly, it is essential that you begin with a passion for cannabis and CBD products. Next, you must find ways for your audience to find you amongst all of the competing affiliate websites and social media profiles. Begin courting your intended audience by doing keyword research and discovering the type of phrases they regularly look for when using search engines. Also, refresh your knowledge of relevant keywords on a regular basis so that you can keep on top of new and relevant trends.

As you gain affiliate marketing experience, try and keep an open mind to new marketing opportunities. Connecting with your audience is a skill set that requires continuous development and rewards a willingness to learn. You will discover new ways of creating engaging content by making posts, videos, newsletters, e-books and more.

Choosing CBD Partners

Establishing an effective online platform is only one part of what makes a successful CBD affiliate. You must carefully vet and then choose which CBD brands to represent. The number of competing CBD brands has increased as hemp regulations have loosened. Some of these brands are trying to get rich quickly by offering inferior products. When recommending products through your platforms, you must feature products that you genuinely support. Choose CBD companies whose products have been tested and verified by an independent third party. Every CBD product should come with publically available lab reports that verify its purity and potency. Other aspects like the products’ source, ingredients, harvesting methods and the company’s general reputation are worth considering.

There is nothing wrong with working with multiple CBD companies simultaneously to diversify your income. Different brands will offer you difference commission percentages. At the lower end, commissions usually start at around 15% and they range up to 40%. Another factor that varies between brands is how often you are paid. Some companies will pay you as often as once per week while others can take as long as 6 months after the point of sale. Payments can be made by cheque, PayPal or any other transfer method.

CBD Affiliate Programs

Nordic Oil’s affiliate program pays 30% commission with a 30-day cookie and dedicated affiliate support. This CBD affiliate program is available in 12 countries, including USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands and others. They do not have a restriction on how many of their markets you can be affiliated with

Joy Organics’ affiliate program pays commission at 25% with a 60-day cookie and plenty of additional bonuses. This CBD company makes tinctures, salves, energy drinks, pet products, gummies, soft gels, vape pens and a range of other products. Affiliates receive their payments twice per month.

Charlotte’s Web pays less at 15% and only pay out once per month. They sell CBD gummies, capsules, oils and pet products and set themselves apart by maintaining a 98.9% approval rating on Good Manufacturing Practices.

CBDPure has a high commission rate at 40% and pays every month. This company sells CBD oil, pet products and soft gels. There are plenty of promitional materials available through this company to help you get started.

Diamond CBD is one of the industry’s biggest distributors who sell thousands of different products. Their commission rate is 20% on all sales and they pay once per month. One of the biggest advantages of becoming an affiliate for Diamond CBD is the celebrity endorsements which add plenty of weight to the name.


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When it comes to starting your CBD affiliate marketing business, sooner is better than later. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick gimmick. You can earn a lot of money if you are willing to put in the time and effort. The most important thing is to keep learning and stay on top of all current industry events and trends. By always striving for better, you stand the greatest chance of success.

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