What is dabbing?

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The benefits of CBD oil are obvious, and the popularity of CBD is growing worldwide. In addition to helping treat conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety, CBD has also been shown to help ease the symptoms of depression, diabetes, inflammation, and insomnia – just to name a few. For those who suffer from chronic and severe symptoms, or for those who have tried traditional CBD oil with minimal results, a different, more potent administration of the natural cannabinoid is also possible. Dabbing CBD may also be a therapeutic way to relieve the most intense symptoms

In order to clearly understand what dabbing is, you really need to get what the word “dab” refers to. Basically, a dab is a slang term for cannabis concentrates. A dab means a small amount or proportion of something. The name came about because most people just need a tiny portion of hemp oil to feel the effects.

Typically, the act of dabbing is done with extremely potent THC concentrates in order to achieve a stronger high. Raw cannabis flower is processed in order to extract the plant’s active compounds (either THC or CBD) into their pure, concentrated form. However, it was until the ascension of butane hemp (hash) oil that dabbling became popular.

So, What Exactly Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is simply vaporizing concrete cannabis. Some of the tools used in dabbing are pretty intimidating thus preventing a lot of people from giving it a try. Among the dabbing tools used include nail, cap dabber, mat, torch and electronic nail.

“Dab rig” is a name given to a bong that is only used to consume by dabbing. If you don’t happen to have a blow torch yet and you want to give dabbing a try, don’t stress! There are several devices such as wax pens solely designed to cater to your needs.

Why Do People Dab?

At first, the whole dabbing process feels kind of strange. There’s a lot of tools involved, and it may come across a bit intimidating. However, you soon get used to it after dabbing for a while. The answer to why people dab is actually pretty simple. You dab to get the very best out of your CBD concentrate. Technically, dabbing is vaporizing CBD concentrate then inhaling the fumes. The process is done by applying the concentrates on a relatively hot surface. Remember that you only dab concentrates as they have way more potent as compared to edibles and oils.

Just to lay all the facts bare, it is possible, actually normal for a single CBD isolate to have 99% of cannabinoid content. It is however expensive but users believe that it is worth it.

How To Dab

First and foremost, assemble all the equipment mentioned earlier. After all the equipment is set, turn the torch on and make sure that the nail is being heated by the flame. Most people prefer to have the nail heat until it turns red hot, it’s actually not necessary. As a matter of fact, overheating can combust the concentrate at times which is in fact against dabbing. One rule of thumb you shouldn’t forget is the “20/60 rule.” Torch your nail for around 20 seconds then dab after around 60 seconds.

When you are sure that the nail’s temperature is level, grab just about the right amount of the concentrate and place it on the nail. Slowly inhale the resulting fumes while turning the dabber tip that is on the nail to avoid wastage of oil that may have been stuck on the dabber. Exhale, enjoy then repeat the whole process until you are fully satisfied.

The Bottom Line

On a lite note, if you happen to have a medical complication that has you scorching after worthless painkillers, do yourself good and purchase dabbing equipment. With that and some premium concentrates, you are good to go! Virtually, CBD has no side-effects.

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  1. CBD has always been helpful in treating conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, It has also been used to ease the symptoms of depression, diabetes, inflammation, insomnia & many more. The information shared in this above article was very helpful and informational. Thank you for listing it together and sharing it with us.

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