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More and more athletes are starting to use CBD oil

More and more athletes are starting to combine CBD oil and sports as they try to improve their athletic performance.

This contradicts the cliché of the stoner: people who are “stoned” only lie on the couch and have “munchies” (urge to eat something when you are high). Athletes integrate cannabis into their fitness training to increase their endurance or improve their concentration. Although no studies have been conducted to support this theory, many people in sports have seen positive results from ingesting CBD oil.

Gaynell Roger, a cannabis user herself, says that she survived two types of cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer, through cannabis use. She uses a cannabis cure for her swimming training and says it keeps her focused and so she can work harder. She explains that there are 2,100 different cannabis strains in California, and it took some time to figure out which one was best for her. However, she doesn’t consume psychoactive strains that contain THC and make you high. She prefers the non-psychoactive CBD, which enables her to keep mental attention.

One of the first people to combine cannabis and fitness was Jim McAlpine. He was convinced of the benefits of cannabis when trying to lose weight. Another contradiction to the stoner stereotype, that he only eats unhealthy snacks all day to satisfy his hunger from smoking. McAlpine set up a competition among the athletes, the so-called “420 games”. The purpose of the competition is to teach people how to use cannabis optimally and healthily.

McAlpine joined former NFL player Ricky Williams to found a fitness center called Power Plant Fitness, where they do cannabis reviews for customers in the baseline training program and calculate the best plan for each customer individually.

Increase your cardio endurance and find the best exercise pattern in no time by consuming hemp.

CBD and its advantages for athletes

More and more people are being educated about the CBD, which is why more and more people are discovering its positive effects for themselves and actively using it. Among them are a large number of sportsmen and women.

There is probably nothing worse for an athlete than injuries and painful inflammations in the body. CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect and can provide relief. It also helps to reduce the onset of sore muscles, so that the body can regenerate itself better. It is therefore ideal to take before or after training and can be a useful supplement or even replace the pre- and post-workout supplement and help to improve performance.

Due to its influence on the nervous system, it can alleviate the pain associated with it, but not completely eliminate it. This is very important because it prevents the athlete from going beyond their limits and perhaps suffering even worse injuries.

The relaxing effect of CBD helps to relax particularly stressed muscle areas, so that they can regenerate better and do not impair the athlete’s performance.

CBD contributes not only to muscle regeneration but also to brain regeneration. Brain concussions happen especially during sports-related falls or when colliding with other athletes during a match. CBD can help to recover from them quickly.

Reducing weight and building muscles – a contradiction?

CBD is known to stimulate the metabolism. This effect, in combination with the right diet, helps to lose weight more easily. The widespread assumption that the substance curbs the appetite is only partially correct. CBD can indeed lead to loss of appetite, but only if it is taken in enormous quantities, which is by no means recommended.

On the other hand, CBD can also help build muscle mass by inhibiting the body’s own hormones that break down muscles. Here too, a diet adapted to the goal is nevertheless necessary. CBD merely supports the desired effect.

Sleep is not to be underestimated

A good sleep is not only very important for health, but also for noticeable and visible training success. However, many people find it difficult to fall asleep and above all to sleep through the night. After sport, the body is still filled with a lot of information to be processed, which makes it difficult to come to rest. Taking CBD supports the natural regulation of sleep.

CBD in the sportive regeneration process
Regeneration is an active process that controls and purposefully supports the physical processes after an exertion and helps to improve performance. With its spectrum of effects, CBD fits perfectly into the concept of a successful regeneration and this in the meantime also without the athletes having to fear legal repression. It is not psychoactive or performance-enhancing and was consequently removed from the list of banned substances by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) in 2017.

CBD and muscules

CBD has several positive effects on the muscules. It has a relaxing effect and regulates the tone. These are important prerequisites for maintaining the flexibility and mobility of the musculature. In addition, it accelerates the healing process in the case of micro injuries caused by sporting strain and promotes energy metabolism. All factors together reduce the risk of injury and indirectly promote muscle growth. Muscles that are well stretched and optimally supplied with nutrients can adapt better to the growth signals triggered by the sporting stimuli. This promotes strength build-up and strength endurance.

Parting words

Regeneration is an important component in the training planning of athletes. Only with sufficient and targeted recovery can the organism convert the adaptation processes that set the sporting stimuli in motion into performance growth. CBD is the ideal supplement to the usual active and passive regeneration measures. It supports the processes from within and has a particularly positive effect on sleep, metabolism and inflammatory processes. The muscles are quickly relaxed and remain flexible. The muscle build-up desired by the training is supported. The regulation and economization of the metabolism becomes noticeable in the course of a training period through more efficient energy utilization. The relaxing and regulating effect of CBD not only has an impact on motor skills. Cognitive and mental abilities are also improved. This manifests itself in a higher ability to concentrate and to perceive and in an improvement in learning ability.

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