How to germinate (sprout) hemp seeds

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Do you already have experience growing cannabis? Then you will surely have the necessary knowledge to grow hemp. Most of the time, this knowledge comes from personal experience or learning from the experience of other people. In this article we talk about two methods of how to germinate hemp seeds.

For beginners, hemp seed germination can often be difficult. In this guide, we try to make the most important information accessible to beginners as well as experienced growers.

Germinate hemp seeds

Hemp seeds grow just like flower seeds. You place them in plant soil and if everything goes well, the seeds will grow into a plant. However, there are several ways you can germinate the hemp seeds.

Method 1

You only need 4 things for this procedure:

  • Two saucers
  • Some damp paper towels
  • Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds need nothing but water, warmth, fresh air and darkness.

We have a step-by-step guide here to make the process even easier and clearer, as this variant is the most effective.

Step 1: The preparation

Firstly, line the saucer with 3-5 layers of damp paper towels. This should not contain excess water. Then put the seeds on the paper towels. Make sure that each seed has as much space as possible. Now place another 2-4 layers of damp paper towels on the seeds.

Now place the second saucer on the first. This creates a dark and humid environment that is necessary for the germs to grow. However, there should still be an air hole left for the plant.

Step 2: Germinate

The saucers must be placed in a warm place, at around 21 degrees and out of direct light. So the seeds should start to sprout soon.

Under no circumstances should the paper towels dry out completely; spray them with water approximately every 3-6 hours, otherwise the roots will be damaged.

Now you have to wait a few days, some seeds take up to 2 weeks to open.

Step 3: Planting

When these release the first few millimeters of the root, each seed should be carefully planted in a small container. This container is said to contain soil, coconut fiber or rock wool.

Make holes approximately 5 millimeters deep into which you will plant the germinated seeds, root first. Now cover the seeds with a little soil, just enough that the seeds are just covered with soil, not too much, as they are otherwise prevented from sprouting.

Cannabis seeds usually grow 24-72 hours after sowing the already germinated seeds.

Step 4: Done

Now you can transplant the seeds and consider whether you want them to be grown indoors or outdoors.

Hemp seeds are very healthy and you can incorporate them into your daily meals. You can read about the benefits of hempseed oil here.

How to sprout hemp seeds

Method 2

You only need 3 things for this procedure:

  • A flower pot
  • Plastic wrap
  • And of course the hemp seeds

This method works very similarly to method 1.

Do plant the seed too deep in the earth. The temperature must never be below 0 ° in this process, this can cause the seed to rot or even kill.

Place the seed one centimeter deep in the ground, carefully add some water and close the hole again.

After about 3 to 7 days you should see something grow. Then you should stretch a plastic film over the shoot.

If you choose this method, you should make sure that you use pots with a volume of at least 20 liters. In this way you prevent the need for transplanting, which can damage the root system, as this is particularly important as a basis for the plant.

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