CBD oil for dogs

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The dog is often referred to as man’s best friend – and you should take care of a best friend as much as possible. So if your dog has any heath problems, you should consider using CBD oil as a remedy.

CBD or cannabidiol, is not an official pharmaceutical drug. Nevertheless, numerous studies show that CBD has anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects and also helps with cramps. Just like with humans, CBD oil can be used on dogs, cats and horses and any other mammals, because CBD has shown to strengthen the endocannabinoid system, thus helping improve conditions such as arthritis, immune system weakness, stress reactions, aggression, indigestion and even cancer.

What can CBD oil for dogs be used for?

CBD oil for dogs can be very effective for dogs with separation anxiety of generally nervous dogs, which experience fear of loud noises such as fireworks. Veterinarians have also found that CBD oil can be used for minor complaints, such as sprains, torn ligaments or swellings.

Of course – you can also use commercially available medicine, but these have several side effects. If you give your dog CBD, you may be able to reduce the dose of the medication and sometimes even completely do without artificial medicine.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

Though there is no much research that proves how exactly CBD oil works with separation anxiety, this benefit is usually considered a secondary advantage. Given that CBD oil helps with anti-inflammation, this can help improve how a dog handles anxiety.

Pain and inflammation are some of the common causes of a dog’s anxiety, apart from other environmental changes that trigger separation anxiety. Theoretically speaking, given that CBD oil can help reduce pain and even seizures, then if separation anxiety in your dog is caused by any of the two, giving it CBD oil will help greatly.

However, you are always advised to see a vet before deciding to use CBD oil for anxiety, just in case the reason for your dog’s anxiety is something that needs another form of treatment.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is not a rare medical condition in dogs. In fact, one in every four dogs is at the risk of contracting the disease within its lifetime. In a more explicit statistic, at least 60% have some levels of the disease’s symptoms. Given that this is usually an inflammatory problem, CBD oil has recently been noted as one of the treatments to counter its effects, thanks to its pain relief properties.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Epilepsy

Seizures and epilepsy have been relieved drastically by CBD oil for human beings. Though research is not as adequate for dogs, a few studies suggest that CBD oil for dogs with epilepsy could also work, more so, for idiopathic epilepsy.

Buy CBD oil for dogs

Before you go straight to the online store and buy CBD oil for dogs, you should first consult your veterinarian. Ultimately, he is an expert in the field and can advise you better than a website on the Internet. He certainly has experience with CBD oil and can give you advice on where to get the best cannabis oil for little money.

Before you buy CBD Oil, read our buyer’s guide.

If he can’t give you a recommendation, here is our recommendation:

Where else can you find CBD oil, if not on Amazon? There is a huge selection of different CBD oil for dogs. However, Amazon doesn’t specialize in this, so if you don’t know exactly what you want to buy, therefore it is recommended to visit specialised CBD shops.

CBD oil for dogs – success stories

If you inform yourself about the topic of CBD oil in connection with dogs, you will always come across reports from dog owners. These are only positive.

In the following, we want to introduce you to two CBD oil dog experiences, which are very informative.

A dog owner reports about her 11-year-old Labrador, who has been paralyzing in the front right leg for a few months. The vets initially assumed osteoarthritis. However, the drugs that normally help did not cure them. After wrongly diagnosed periostitis, the owner started giving her dog CBD oil 5% in the food. Some time later, x-rays were taken in the veterinary clinic and it was found that the dog was suffering from bone cancer.

The dog owner then started to give her dog THC-containing treats in addition to the CBD. And behold – suddenly she felt much better. She felt like playing with sticks again, no longer turned around after 500m of walking because of the pain. It was even symptom-free on some days.

CBD oil for dogs with epilepsy

Another CBD oil dog experience was made by a dog owner with a fairly young dog. This has genetically predisposed epilepsy and so it was initially treated with phenobarbital. But this drug also caused side effects. The dog often suffered from dizziness, confusion and forgetfulness.

To alleviate these side effects, he used CBD oil dog epilepsy treatment. At first, he gradually reduced the amount of phenobarbital until he gave his dog only CBD oil for treatment. His epilepsy could be kept under control and the side effects were no longer visible.

As you can see, CBD can have a huge impact on a dog’s well-being, and experts recommend CBD especially for epilepsy. Even if there are not yet many studies in this area, one is currently researching the benefits of CBD and finding other diseases against which CBD can help.


Just like any other medication, precaution is to be taken when administering CBD oil to your dog. Always seek advice from a veterinarian and avoid buying CBD oil for your dog from unauthorized distributors. Finally, consider doing a bit of research on some of the other benefits of CBD oil for dogs.


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