CBD Buyer’s Guide

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Do you want to buy CBD oil safely and legally? Here is our guide on how to get started with your purchase of CBD oil without getting on the wrong side of the law.

Is CBD oil legal in Europe?

Yes, it is legal to consume CBD oil in most of Europe. Also manufacturing, buying and selling.

There are over 60 different substances in cannabis and these are called cannabinoids. Among these cannabinoids, the two most important ones have been selected in the medical context, these being THC and CBD. The cannabinoid THC is the substance that can make you “high” and it is only legal to ingest a THC amount of max 0.2%. The cannabinoid CBD does not make you high but can relieve many pains.

CBD oil can be purchased from most European webshops as long as it is within the EU because of the free movement of goods and services between EU countries. The EU has created a regulation that states that as long as the CBD oil contains a maximum of 0.2% THC, it is legal to ship between EU countries. However, some EU countries have special conditions for medical cannabis and therefore it is possible to buy this in Germany, Poland etc. Some Swedish online stores have located abroad in order not to fall victim to the Swedish laws on medical cannabis, which is constantly debated.

A simple Google search gives you multiple results on webshops with CBD products, but you should be on your guard for a couple of reasons. We have therefore collected some tips for your purchase of CBD oil.

Tips for buying CBD oil online

Your CBD oil should always have a specific content

When buying CBD oil online, it is very important that the oil has a definite content. Most CBD oils typically contain two of the over 60 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. These are THC and CBD. Here it is important that you know the difference between these two cannabinoids. THC is the substance that makes you “high” and which is illegal if the amount of THC exceeds 0.2%. Therefore, one should always check the contents of the CBD oil as there are individual sellers who do not comply. Therefore, always check the product table of contents before purchasing.

European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

A good way to find out if a CBD oil supplier is reputable is to look if they are a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA). This association only allows members who adhere to both the industry standard, as well as the law regarding CBD products.


Not sure which CBD brand to choose?

Here is a list of the best CBD brands of this year.

The price of CBD oil

When you buy CBD oil, there is a big difference in the prices of the individual sellers and their products. It is important here that you know that CBD oil is not a cheap product if you want good quality. As with most products, price and quality are interconnected. Thus, you should always be careful not to buy an overly cheap CBD oil.

A certified CBD oil is a quality-safe CBD oil

When buying your CBD oil online, you may want to check if the CBD oil is certified. If it is, you can rest assured that the oil is of good quality with peace of mind.

Can you buy CBD oil without a prescription?

It is actually possible to buy CBD oil in Europe without having to turn to medical cannabis that requires a prescription. At the same time, the latter is very difficult to get prescribed on prescription by doctors with only a few cases granted so far.
CBD Oil and hemp

Which CBD product should I choose?

There are several different CBD products. The cannabinoid CBD is available as pills, capsules, extracts, lip balm, ointments and the most popular form of oil. Especially CBD oil there are many different products of. Here it is important that you know the difference in the forces.

The oil is available in strengths up to 3000 mg and down to about 300 mg. This means that there are currently oils with 30% pure CBD and oils with 3% pure CBD. When buying your CBD oil, the percentage is an indicator of the strength of CBD. You should pay attention to this as 30% pure CBD logically is a much stronger dose than 3% CBD. If you suffer from severe pain from, for example, multiple sclerosis, a high amount of CBD is often recommended. Vendors will also guide you through their product information on the individual products. These are important to read before purchasing CBD oil.

Here we list other CBD products currently available on the market:

CBD oil: Choose this if you want the taste of cannabis and a simple application.
CBD Capsules: This is recommended for those who cannot cope with the strong CBD flavor.
CBD ointment: The best choice if you want a smooth and healthy complexion with good scent and vitamins.
CBD chewing gum: Easy to get CBD when you’re out on the run.
CBD crystals: can be mixed with food and drinks and contain 0% THC.
CBD E-Liquids: Specifically designed for vaping with a very quick onset, suitable for acute pain.

There are, however, many more CBD products available to the public. If you are looking for something more unusual – check our guide on strange CBD products.

We hope this guide has helped you clear the air around CBD oil and its many fantastic properties.


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