What is CBD chewing gum?

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CBD chewing gums are trendy. A few years ago, products with CBD were very difficult and only possible to buy indirectly, but nowadays more and more consumers enjoy the trendy, tasty and at the same time healthy candy with CBD. Even large drugstore chains have adopted CBD chewing gum nationwide and you can also buy CBD chewing gum from some supermarkets. Nonetheless, the best place to buy CBD chewing gum from is a reputable CBD supplier. In the following article, we want to show you what CBD chewing gum is and what happens in our body when we chew it.

What is CBD chewing gum?

CBD chewing gum is just like regular chewing gum but it has been infused with CBD. These chewing gums are often characterized by a refreshing mint taste. The CBD Chewing gum usually contains an approximate dose of approximately 10 mg CBD per gum. The CBD inside, which can be used for both chewing gum and other CBD products, is obtained from CO2-extracted CBD from hemp. For a sufficient effect, it is recommended to chew at least one such CBD chewing gum a day.

CBD chewing gum
CBD chewing gum

How does the CBD chewing gum work in our body?

Hemp is mainly used for the extraction of CBD since hemp is generally characterized by a very high concentration of cannabidiol. The CBD is extracted from the hemp and then incorporated into various products such as oils, plasters, suppositories or capsules and also, as in this case, chewing gum. In addition, the chewing gum contains an emulsifier, namely the so-called lecithin. This emulsifier causes the CBD in our body to be broken down by saliva.

When you chew a CBD chewing gum, the cannabinoids get released in your mouth. The CBD can then enter the bloodstream directly through the membrane under the tongue and, under normal circumstances, the effect occurs within about ten to 15 minutes. The phytochemicals from the chewing gum end up directly in the stomach acid. It is therefore advisable to use the chewing gum immediately after a meal

What can a CBD chewing gum help with?

If you chew CBD chewing gum regularly, you may experience following positive effects:

  • Support the function of the joints
  • Support the function of the muscles
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Healthier and better-looking skin
  • Faster regeneration after intensive sport
  • A relaxed mood
  • Reduced stress

A study has shown that chewing a CBD chewing gum increases the overall effectiveness of the CBD by a full ten percent compared to the CBD from other products. Other studies prove the high effectiveness of the CBD chewing gum.

What are the benefits of CBD chewing gum?

With a view to protecting the environment, a CBD chewing gum offers an enormous advantage compared to conventional chewing gum. The problem with normal chewing gum is that it cannot be broken down. If such a chewing gum is, for example, carelessly spit out into nature, it remains there until it is cleared away by another person or, in the worst case, even eaten by an animal. So the environment suffers a lot from these chewing gums.

CBD chewing gums, on the other hand, are completely biodegradable, which is why the above problem does not exist with these chewing gums. Even if a CBD chewing gum is accidentally swallowed, this is not a major problem due to its biodegradability.

In addition, no artificial substances such as artificial colors, sweeteners, artificial flavors or no preservatives are used in a chewing gum that contains the CBD.

Conventional chewing gum usually contains plenty of these substances.

At the same time, the CBD chewing gums can also provide a very fresh breath just like conventional chewing gums. This chewing gum is usually also characterized by a very strong mint flavor. So on the one hand fresh breath can be generated and on the other hand stress can be reduced by the CBD or a relaxed mood can be created on the go. Taking such a chewing gum is also very easy.

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