Nowadays, many heated debates, both among consumers and experts, discuss which method of CBD use is the most effective. It was compared which method (smoking or vaping) was less harmful. Referring to this article, the focus is on vaporizing the CBD. The intoxicant itself is also often used to fight diseases such as cancer and to counteract the rampant growth of mutating cells. The “miracle cure” is also said to have had good effects against epilepsy. The positive effects of cannabis on incurable diseases have been demonstrated in many international studies. Persistent pain should be alleviated, among other things.

Can you smoke CBD oil?

In short-no. If you want to consume CBD by smoking, you should use dried hemp leaves. The oil itself cannot be smoked. Nonetheless, there are CBD infused liquids which are suitable for e-cigarettes and vape pens.

CBD oil is an oil, which is enriched with cannabidiol from a hemp extract.

Cannabidiol is an active ingredient that is extracted from the hemp plant. In contrast to THC, CBD is not psychoactive, which means that there is no intoxication.

Most CBD oils include some vegetable oils, which are enriched with CBD until a certain concentration is reached. But every vegetable oil has a different boiling point, from which the positive properties of the oil are lost or even harmful to the body.

Most vegetable oils, including hemp oil, are not designed to be heated because they produce carcinogenic combustion products when heated. In addition, the lungs are not designed to clean themselves of the remains of inhaled vegetable oils.

There are of course also vegetable oils that have a higher boiling point, in which you can dissolve and smoke the cannabidiol extract. However, you would smear your equipment and it would break.

CBD e-liquid

What can CBD be used for

Due to its special properties, cannabidiol is not only used as a dietary supplement but also to actively alleviate or combat a wide variety of symptoms due to:

  • ADD / ADHD
  • Alzheimer
  • Burnout
  • Depressions
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Migraine
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatism
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress, etc.

Is CBD legally available in Europe?

Yes, it is legal and available in Europe. Because CBD is a non-intoxicating ingredient, it is not subject to the Narcotics Act.

What should you consider when buying?

  • Buy CBD oil from tested and certified dealers only.
  • Either a pure CBD extract or mixed with cold-pressed hemp oil,
  • It should be green/brown in color
  • Make sure that the CBD product is free of GMO, gluten, herbicides, and pesticides and that it does not contain any ingredients that you may be allergic to
  • Buy CBD concentrates/oils only without THC or with a THC content of up to 0.2%

If you are considering buying CBD online, read our CBD buyer’s guide first.

Smoking CBD and Cannabis

The most famous version of cannabis consumption is smoking. Here the so-called “joint” is lit (a cigarette whose tobacco is mixed with hashish). When smoking the product, however, it cannot be prevented that chemicals or hydrocarbons, such as the tar it contains, can separate and settle in the body. For people who use cannabis for medical reasons, smoking can have a negative impact. According to experts, 80% of the substances released during the combustion process are not cannabinoids. This means that 80% of all active ingredients released neither favor an effect on the psyche nor a medical effect. On the contrary, this has a bad impact on the body when used frequently.

Vaping CBD

In comparison, there is no such disadvantage when vaping the hemp extract in the form of a liquid. The cannabinoids present in the plant are heated to the boiling point and the resulting drainage gives the desired extracts. Cannabis evaporates completely at a temperature of 150 degrees Celsius. The elements of the plant develop into steam that you inhale.

To vape CBD correctly, a “vaporizer” is used. This is a device that converts essential ingredients of various herbs into aromatic vapors through strong heating. The device was originally developed for aromatherapy, in which the essential oils of various plants were to be removed by steam.

The fact that there is no smoke means that no toxic substances such as tar, petrol or other chemicals can be released. During inhalation, the ingredients of the intoxicant are absorbed through the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

In order to get the best possible result of this process, it is recommended to be careful when choosing the CBD liquid and, above all, to find out which temperature of the vaporizer would be the most suitable to enjoy CBD to the full.

Is vaporizing CBD healthier than smoking?

The word vaporize comes from the French “vaporiser” and the Latin “vaporare” and means something like vaping or vaping. As mentioned, there are so-called vaporizers, which is a device that vaporizes the substance, in this case the CBD liquid, directly. Further, targeted heating allows the product to evaporate until only the desired ingredients are retained. Burning with the vaporizer is greatly avoided, so that no further by-products are created. Unlike the inhaler, only one solution is vaporized.

Health aspects of vaporizing CBD

The human lung is principally designed only for the absorption of oxygen and nitrogen (air). All other substances are absorbed as foreign bodies and therefore trigger defense and cleansing reactions of the body. Especially when vaporizing CBD leads to a strong mucus production on the lungs.

Therefore, one might think that this cannot be healthy, but so far no scientific study proves that vaporizing cannabis causes damage to the lungs. However, it turns out quite differently that the increased production of mucus completely cleans the lungs. It even offers asthmatics an enlarged airway and significantly alleviates acute and chronic asthma symptoms. But oxygen intake is also improved in people who are already healthy.


A vaporizer at an average costs between 50.00 – 260.00 euros. Once the CBD liquids is added to the vaporizer, temperatures can then be set between 0 and 230 degrees. The recommended degree of heat is 150-200 degrees. At a maximum heat of 200 degrees there is no chance of harmful by-products. In contrast to smoking, a much smaller amount of the product is required for the desired effect. The effect is also better regulated because the active ingredients are released over a significantly longer period. For a completely pure steam experience, the finest floating particles of the product can then be removed with a water filter.


There is a very high probability that vaporizing is much healthier than smoking CBD, however, both are considered and unhealthy habits and could lead to lung injuries.


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